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CYC Cadet Training Page

For more information, please contact the Training Officer, Dave Wheatley by eMail.
The cadet programme is on the main club events Google diary “Cargreen Yacht Club: All Club Events” on the Social page here
The full programme of events and training can be downloaded from here; it will open in a new tab.

2018 Cadet Programme

Week Time Cargreen Tide Planned Sessions
Fri 9 Feb 18:30 Theory Evening - Hobie Cats by David Ford
10-18 Feb 18 Half term Devon & Cornwall
Fri 23 Mar 18 18:30 Presentation & Registration Evening Correct Clothing, footwear , gloves, wetsuits & spray tops Handover responsibility to Parents at end of debrief
30 Mar-
15 Apr 18
Easter Holidays Devon & Cornwall
Sat 7 Apr 18 10:00 – 13:00 CYC Club Clear up day
Fri 20 Apr 18 18:00 HW 21:49 5.2m FIRST DAY ON THE WATER
Routine & Signing out board
Stage 1: Can call for assistance,
Understands the action to take to help those in distress,
Understands local hazards,
Understands the importance of staying with the boat,
Can Put on personal bouyancy correctly
Stage 1 & 2 Understands personal safety- and knows what to wear for sailing (including head and footwear) Stage 2: Has knowledge of Telling someone ashore
Fri 27 Apr 18 18:00 HW 1710 5.1m Rigging Clothing and equipment
Stage 1: Can name basic parts of the boat (i.e.Hull, mast rudder centreboard, sheets etc)
Stage 1: Can assist with rigging a boat
Stage 2: Can put a boat head to wind for rigging
Stage 2: Can rig a dinghy
Stage 1: Has knowledge of wind direction
Fri 4 May 18 18:00 HW 21:12 5.1m Launching and recovery
Stage 2: Understands how to manoeuvre a trolley clear of other boats and overhead cables
Stage 1: Can launch a dinghy and get under way with instruction
Stage 2: Can launch and recover a small dinghy in an offshore wind
Stage 1: Can secure boat to a trolley
Stage 1: Can assist with recovery and stowage of dinghy and gear
Fri 11 May 18 18:00 LW 21:48 1.8m Sailing techniques and manoeuvers
Stage 2: Understand the principle of the five essentials
Stage 1: Understands the effect of basic boat controls
Stage 1: Can be a responsive crew under instruction (not single handers)
Stage 1:Understands the basic principles of stopping (lying to), controlling speed and getting out of irons
26 May -
3 Jun 18
Half Term Devon & Cornwall
Fri 18 May 18 18:00 HW 20:58 5.5m Sailing techniques and manoeuvers
Stage 1: Can paddle or row ( with sprit paddle or oars)
Stage 1: Can steer on a reach and go about (Reach to reach)
Stage 1: Understands how to prepare for a tow
Stage 1: Can steer when sailing and being towed
Stage 2: Can be scooped in during capsize recovery (Not single handers) or
Can right one type of dinghy
Fri 25 May 18 18:00 HW 1548 4.8m Sailing techniques and manoeuvers
Stage 2: Can go about (close reach to close reach)
Stage 2: Understands the No Go Zone
Stage 2: Understands what is meant by windward, leeward and gybe
Stage 1: Is confident in the water wearing personal buoyancy
Fri 1 Jun 18 18:00 HW 20:20 5.2m Sailing Trip THE WQSC BBQ ???
Fri 8 Jun 18 18:00 LW 19:55 1.2m Sailing Background
Stage 2: Has knowledge of Sail controls and foils
Stage 1: Can tie a figure of eight knot and cleat a halyard
Stage 2: Can tie a round turn and two half hitches and a reef knot
Stage 3: Can tie a bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch
Fri 15 Jun 18 18:00 HW 20:00 5.6m Sailing alongside
Fri 22 Jun 18 18:00 LW 20:12 1.8m Sailing to a buoy
Fri 29 Jun 18 18:00 HW 19:29 5.2m Start Racing Triangle Course
Sat 30 Jun 18 10:00 HW 07:51 5.0m LW 14:09 1.2m HW 20:03 5.2m Three Rivers Challenge
Visiting the Tamar, Tavy and Lynher
Open to All
Leave the club 0930 returning about 1900 bring food, water & money for a day sail.
Fri 6 Jul 18 18:00 HW 23:57 4.6m Man overboard routine.
Fri 13 Jul 18 18:00 HW 18:56 5.6m Sail Training/Race
Introduction to race start and triangle racing - Open to family
Fri 20 Jul 18 18:00 LW 18:23 1.7m Sailing Games
Pico Polo
25 Jul -
2 Sep 18
Summer holidays Devon & Cornwall
Fri 7 Sep 18 18:00 HW 16:40 5.2m Sail Training
Stage 2: Understands the No Go Zone
Stage 2: Understand the principle of the five essentials
Stage 3 Can demonstrate the basic principles of sailing on all points of sailing a triangular course
Fri 14 Sep 18 18:00 HW 21:48 5.3m Sail Training
Introducing Spinnakers
Fri 21 Sep 18 18:00 HW 16:20 4.7m Sail Training
Sail to a buoy Sail alongside
Sat 22 Sept 18 Cargreen Regatta & raft race
Fri 28 Sep 18 18:00 HW 20:48 5.3m Sail Training
Triangular course Boat Control sailing to a point /alongside/buoy/man overboard
Fri 5 Oct 18:00 LW 21:56 1.6m Sail Training
Up river sail.
Fri 12 Oct 18:00 HW 20:45 5.5m Sailing Games Tag
20-28 Oct 18 Half Term Devon & Cornwall
Fri 9 Nov 18 18:30 Theory Evening - Weather & Tides
Fri 7 Dec 18 18:30 Theory Evening – First Aid
Fri 18 Jan 18:30 Theory Evening - Rule of Road
Fri 15 Feb 18:30 Theory Evening – Knots
The full programme of events and training for 2018 in a printable form can be downloaded from here; it will open in a new tab.

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