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Joining Cargreen Yacht Club

How to Join our Club

Joining the Club is easy.
Just complete our on-line application form including signing up to Direct Debit payments. Your application will be put to the committee at their next meeting. Our Membership Secretary will then contact you and welcome you to our Club only then will you pay the joining fee and the 1st year's membership fee.

Please Click Here to Join

If you have any queries or want some further information, please contact the Membership Secretary: memsecretary@cycadmin.org

Moorings at Cargreen

A causeway allows all-tide access to the club’s 140 or so non-drying moorings. The grounds provide plenty of space for car parking and storage of dinghies and tenders.

Please click here for information on CYC Moorings

In addition, Please click here for the Moorings Byelaws

For further information, you may contact the CYC Moorings Officer at: