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Club Notices for Cargreen Yacht Club

2017 Mooring Servicing
Call for Volunteers from the Bargemaster

The Bargemaster intends to service all the moorings between Monday 6th November and Thursday 22nd November, and bring the barge ashore at HW on either 2, 3, or 4th December. The first day will start with an H&S briefing session for all bargees before some refresher and introductory training afloat.

In a small departure from previous years, I propose to work over one weekend – 11-12th November, but otherwise as in previous years I propose that we work on Mondays and Tuesdays, take a day off on Wednesdays, and work Thursdays and Fridays. Apart from 11th & 12th November we avoid weekends, because of social arrangements and river traffic. This may have to change because of wind, weather or the strength of the ebbing tidal stream.

Start time is normally 0930 – finish 1630 each day

An explanation for the decision to work over the first weekend is below.

If possible, I should like to work with no less than 3 experienced bargees and no more than one recent recruit, but it may be reasonable to relax this later in the programme. Past experience suggests that new recruits require at least one day on the barge before they become familiar with the various hooks, hoists, slips, angle grinders, winches, outboards, generators etc. and become useful bargees. Preference will therefore be given to volunteers who can offer two or more days over the servicing period.

Please could you let me know, as soon as possible, if you are able to help.

Charles or 01752 845297

Note for all owners of vessels overwintering on CYC Moorings

For the last five years there have been about thirty yachts and boats left on their moorings during the mooring servicing period. Each of these has to be moved so that the mooring can be inspected, cleaned and repaired as necessary. Depending on the size of the boat, the strength of the tidal stream and the wind, they may be taken alongside the barge or moved to another mooring, a process that adds an average of 30 minutes to the servicing time, taking into account additional barge travel up and down the river, and costs about £30 – some £900 overall. It seemed unfair to share this additional cost among all mooring holders rather than to charge it to the members who leave their boats on moorings during November, and the Committee therefore amended the Mooring Bye Laws in November 2016 so that owners could be charged for the additional costs involved.

Owners who move their boats to other moorings by arrangement with the Moorings Officer or Bargemaster, will not be charged, nor will owners who move their boats during a half or full day on the barge, but owners should be aware that the barge can only operate in favourable wind and tidal conditions, and that it may be impossible to service a mooring on a particular day or at a particular time to suit owners, even when this has been carefully arranged with the Bargemaster.

This year, to make life easier for working members, the barge will work over one weekend, 11-12th November, specifically to service the moorings of overwintering vessels while the owners work on the barge, go for a short cruise, or pick up another mooring.

Would owners wishing to take advantage of the marvellous opportunity to save themselves £30 please notify the Bargemaster a.s.a.p.

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Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety

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Count the Lobster Pots!

The RYA and Cruising Association are both campaigning about poorly marked fishing gear and lobster pots around our coasts.
The South West has a large number of poorly marked pot buoys including a number in and around the Sound that the Webmaster found only this week!
The PPSA is working with the QHM on this matter.

There is a petition on the UK Government website, however, the Cruising Association has been told that all petitions on the government website will close at 1am on 3 May because of election purdah. They will be able to post their petition again following the election, the votes cannot be transferred, so they will start all over again.

The link to the RYA website is here: Please click here; the website link is very long!

The link to the Cruising Association is here:

The Government Petition is here:

All links open in a new tab/page. Please note that CYC has NO control over external websites.

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Theft of Outboard from Weir Quay Sailing Club

On the night of Fri 14 Apr, part of an outboard motor was stolen from the Weir Quay Sailing Club mooring barge. The person stole the lower section of the leg of the Honda 20HP engine on our mooring barge, by unbolting the gearbox and prop assembly.
WQSC have reported it to Devon & Cornwall Police who have said that they had little chance of finding out who did it. In addition, the MOD Police have said they would log it, but regretted that they no longer had the resources to make regular trips up to Weir Quay. (and CYC?)

Update 21:00 Mon 17 AprThe "suspicious" red rib has been discounted.
Bad News:
Two boats have been broken into on CYC moorings; apart from damage to the boats, the items taken included a radio, fuel tank and fuel, battery, binoculars, Garmin GPS and Fishfinder.

Martin Worth, the Boatwatch Manager requests that all members and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and, if sighted, advise the MoD Police immediately. In any case, please secure your property.

The Commodore has sent the following message to our Members:

Over the last few days there have been at least three episodes of theft from and/or damage to vessels moored on our stretch of the river. The MoD and Civilian police are aware, but as far as I know no property has yet been recovered, and no suspects have been caught.

Members are advised to keep a record of the serial numbers of outboard motors and other portable equipment, to be vigilant and report any suspicious boats or persons on the river to the MoD Police on 01752 553384.

It is strongly recommended that small outboards should be brought ashore when not in use, and I shall be removing binoculars and all portable apparatus when my boat is left on her mooring.

Charles Evans

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Dayskipper Shorebased Course

The Day Skipper course has now completed; another course may be run in the future if an instructor can be found.

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Changes to the Members Only Pages

The Members Only pages are on a secure and encrypted server, which allows all members to pay your Membership Subscriptions and your Moorings Fees using Direct Debit instead of Standing Order.

The pages are accessible via the "Members' Only" button on the menu above right using your username and password.
If you cannot remember either, please contact the webmaster here.

All the pages of the Members' Area have this horizontal menu across the top:

"CYC Events" -- "Directories" -- "My Details" -- "Forms" -- "CYC Website" -- "Logout"

"CYC Events" When an Event at CYC requires booking, you may book your places, select menu choices and pay the Club by Direct Debit if you have one with the Club.
You may also use the Crew Register from this tab.

"Directories" contains the usual contact details of our members;

"Boatwatch" is available at the beginning of the year for members to select the days when they would like to undertake Boatwatch for the Club.

"My Details" allows you to view and change your personal details, including your Password; please click on the appropriate button to save your changes;

"Forms" is used for the setting up of your Direct Debit and the payment of mooring fees and membership subscriptions;

"CYC Website" returns you to this website without logging out;
"Logout" will log you out from the Members' Area and return you to the main CYC website.

For security reasons, the Members Only pages will time-out after a period of inactivity.

Please note that Cargreen Yacht Club does not have access to any details of your bank account; that is held securely by our provider and cannot be accessed by Club Officers or other members.

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