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Sailing at Cargreen Yacht Club

If you are looking for a deep water swinging mooring in a quiet part of the River Tamar, join our club! For further information, please contact the Moorings Officer.

The Mooring Bye-Laws can be downloaded from here.

White Sail Racing usually starts in May and is held every 2 weeks.

Please click here for information on the
2017 Regatta on Sat 16 Sep 17.

Images from Nick Fox
Please contact the Webmaster if you would like copies of any of these images.

The procedures and schedule for Boatwatch at Cargreen are here.

Please click here for more information about Dinghy sailing at Cargreen YC.


River Warblings from the Moorings Officer

Autumn ushers in the chance of strong winds and for those intending to leave their boats on the moorings now is the time to "batten down the hatches". Two strops, well protected against chafe, are mandatory. Sails should be removed or, at the very least, secured against unintended unfurling; windage in general should be reduced as much as possible (detailed advice for those new to sailing will appear on the website shortly).

Please remember to inspect your boat and mooring arrangements at least every three weeks.

May I take this opportunity to remind members that the right to more a vessel on our moorings is not transferable, any and all subletting of moorings must be arranged through the Moorings Officer. Also, if you are selling your boat please be careful not to promise use of your mooring to the new owner. Early discussion with the M.O. is strongly recommended if you are considering a sale.

Members have reported that the outboard shed doors have been left unlocked, please check that the door is securely latched when you leave.

For those of you with places in the Toastracks, when you next visit, please make sure that your tender is identifiable. On the subject of identification, un-named boats on the moorings can cause us problems, please make sure that your boat's name or SSR number is visible.

Residents of Fore Street, Cargreen have been troubled by parking congestion; your Committee urges you to use the Club's parking areas rather than the village.

Well, that was quite a warble; all in the life of a beleaguered Moorings Officer!

Best wishes,

Cargreen Yacht Club Moorings Information Leaflet

The Moorings Officer and Barge Master issued the Cargreen Yacht Club Moorings Information leaflet in June 2016.
Both members and prospective members who have or will require a mooring, please read the leaflet and print for your reference.

Please click here to download the leaflet it will open in a new tab.


This has now changed. Skippers looking for crew, and Members available to crew, on CYC Cruises or at any other time can register with the Club by entering the Members Only area and registering.
Please click on the 'Members Only' button above or here.

Login using your Username and Password and select CYC Events, under "On Line Booking Forms" select 'Crew Register'. Select either Available to Crew OR Crew Wanted and add any other information including experience etc, finally select 'Continue'.

The database will alert The Cruising Manager (Tony Head) by email and he will endeavour to act as "dating agency" to put people in touch!

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