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Boatwatch Procedures

PRIMARY AIM To assist the MoD police in deterring theft of and vandalism to members’ boats in the Club’s mooring area and to report any suspicious activities. It is the responsibility of the police to intercept, investigate, apprehend and prosecute.

SECONDARY AIM To report other safety and security problems noted with the Club site, members’ boats, dinghies etc. and ashore.

DUTY TIMES - From sunset to sunrise with 3 periods of about ¾ hours of active lookout at random intervals during the hours of darkness.

The full procedure should be downloaded by all Boatwatch participants from here; It will open in a new tab.

The dates for your Boatwatch cover have been matched to the supplied information and the full diary is in the Members' Area at Changes can only be made by the Boatwatch Manager.

Should you find you are unable to fulfill your commitment on the allotted night, or you wish to undertake additional duties, please make the necessry arrangements by swapping with another volunteer and kindly eMail/phone the Boatwatch Manager as there is a financial implication for both parties.

The Boatwatch Manager, Martin Worth, can be contacted via: His other contact details can be found via the Members Only button.