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Splicing and Mooring Strop Workshop
Plus the St. Piran’s Supper
Friday March 16th 2018 17.45 and 19.15

This event has now moved from 2nd March to 16th March

We had a successful and well attended supper and quiz in January so we hope members will also support this next social event, St Piran’s Day is on March 5th so what better way to mark the County’s and the miner’s patron saint than raising a glass of something and enjoying supper with friends! Also on offer is a practical and informative session where you can observe splicing and the making of a mooring strop and or make your own.

Charles Evans is running the workshop which will start at 17:45 and finish just before supper is served, he outlines the session as follows;- the splicing session is intended for those who want to make mooring strops, and will therefore only cover eye splicing in 3 strand nylon. Prior to attending the session, members should measure the length of strop required (cleat to bow roller or fairlead plus one and a half or a maximum of twice the vertical height from bow roller to hippo) and determine the maximum size of strop that the fairlead can accommodate.

Charles will bring some old pieces of rope for practice only, plus a small supply of 24mm nylon, a size which is suitable for boats up to 32ft. Owners of larger boats are recommended to use something heavier. Please do not bring old or hard rope - it is very difficult to splice. Bogey Knights emporium at Mutton Cove can supply 28mm nylon at £3.50 a metre and will provide short lengths of old fire hose (to reduce chafe) free of charge. He can also provide thimbles and many other wonderful things. He does not usually stock plastic tubing which is available from most chandlers; the variety without wire reinforcement is preferred.

Members wishing to book for the splicing and mooring strop session must do this by emailing Charles Evans Any queries on strop size, construction or anti chafe can be raised in the same email.
Apply early because numbers will be restricted.

Please book for the supper book as soon as you like and definitely by Monday February 26th (Cost £12.50pp)

Supper Menu

Main Courses
Fish Pie with Vegetables (gluten free)
Spiced Vegetable Tagine with Lemon Couscous


Cheese cake
Eton Mess

If you have a Direct Debit Mandate, which is the preferred method:
Please login to the CYC Members’ Area and select 'Events' and click on 'St Piran's Supper'.
Please provide the number of Members and non-Members, the names of your guests (if any), your menu choices in the boxes and click 'Continue'.
Finally check the details and click 'Submit Application'; your payment to CYC is made by Direct Debit and an email is automatically sent to Jill with your menu choices.

If you have not set up your Direct Debit account, you can do that via the Members' Area. Please log in and click on 'Forms' / 'Direct Debit Mandate' and complete the Direct Debit Mandate.

Alternatively, please ring Jill Trew 01579 382451 or 07818 002624 or email, letting her know the number of people coming, their food choices and any special food requirements not covered by the menu. Your booking will be confirmed by email, please then arrange payment, which is £12.50 per person.

Payment to Cargreen YC by Direct Debit is the preferred method, or by BACS sort code; 40-27-04, account number; 61293095.

We look forward to seeing you there
Jill Trew
Social Sec.