A complete set of 3 sails with a classic cutter set - FOR SALE

These were all made to Long distance cruising spec, triple stitched and reinforced. They are all in good condition although the Yankey and Staysail sacrificial strip is a bit faded., so would need changing in the not too distant future, maybe  a year or so?

I changed them only because I decided to treat myself to a fully battened main, and the sailmaker made new Yankey and Stays'l to match. They've been taking up space in my garage  and so I've decided that they must go. I'm going to offer them as a "Buy one get 2 Free" deal. They have to be worth £200 for the 3 even if you only want the main, cutters being an acquired taste.

The measurements are as follows:

Main:     Luff 11.8 metres; Leach 12.6 metres; Foot 4.2 metres

Yankey:    Luff 13.9 metres; Leach 11.78 metres; Foot 5.7 metres

Says'l :     Luff 10.60 metres; Leach 9.30 metres; Foott 3.80 metres   

The sails are in Okehampton, so not far away.
Contact Kevin Sempers 01837659229/07974678486 or yachtchance@gmail.com
For Sale & Wanted

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