Officers' Reports

The Officers' reports are available via the link in the sidebar.


The AGM Agenda is available via the link in the sidebar.

The votes on the resolutions will be take by a visible show of hands. If this proves problematic or impractical, it is anticipated that the Chairman will demand a poll and adjourn the meeting so that the poll can be taken electronically.

Commodore's Report

The Commodore's report is available via the link in the sidebar.

Club Accounts for the year ending 29th February 2020

Copies of the accounts are available to members on the website.

A link to the page will be sent to Voting Members by email.

Questions for the AGM

Questions about the Commodore's Report, the Accounts or any of the Resolutions should be sent by email to

At the Chairman's discretion, questions will be taken individually, combined or not at all.

Any other questions will be taken, time and technology permitting, via Zoom at the end of the meeting.

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