The AGM Agenda is available via the link in the sidebar.

The votes on the resolutions will be take by a visible show of hands. If this proves problematic or impractical, it is anticipated that the Chairman will demand a poll and adjourn the meeting so that the poll can be taken electronically.


The Accounts for the year ending 28th February 2021 are available to members on the website.

Voting Members will be sent a link to the relevant page by email. Please ensure that your email address is up to date; the Membership Portal can be used to make any changes.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting

AGM Notice

Annual General Meeting

Here is where the documents for the 2021 Annual General Meeting can be found.

This will be the 18th Annual General Meeting of Cargreen Yacht Club Limited and the 50th Annual Meeting of the Members of Cargreen Yacht Club.

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