Annual renewal of Membership and Moorings

Boating may not be at the top of your agenda these damp, drizzly days but this is the time of year when the Club needs from you a Membership Renewal Form and, for mooring holders, a Mooring Renewal Form.

Please visit the Renewal pages in the Forms section of the Members Only area of the website (link in the side bar). (You will need your username and password, if you have difficulty logging on, please remember that your username is typically the email address that you used at the time of joining the Club. If you have forgotten your password you can request a reset by clicking the ‘Remind me’ button on the member’s login page.)

ALL MEMBERS please check the pre-populated MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM, make any necessary amendments and complete your DoB on page one. On page two note your fees owing, ‘Agree terms’ and give your preferences for photography and inclusion in an on-line directory and finally ‘Submit' the form.


For members with DINGY PARK ALLOCATIONS last year it will be assumed that these are required for 2020, if this is not the case please contact Mick Flanagan (

The Due Date for payment of fees is the 15th February and the request to GoCardless will be sent on the 10th of February, please note that late payment will automatically incur a £25 surcharge.

If you have previously set up a Direct Debit mandate in favour of the Club you need to take no further action. Fees will automatically be taken by GoCardless on 15 February and you will be notified a few days beforehand. (If you have not set up a DD arrangement with the Club you are strongly encouraged to do so as this vastly reduces the workload of the Officers in checking and reconciling returns).

If you have any difficulty completing forms or making payment please contact the appropriate Club Officer.

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