Strop splicing

An evening of splicing instruction, preceded by a short talk on moorings, will be held in the Club on March 4th, 1900-2100hrs.

It is hoped that this will be useful for new mooring holders and those who want to make strops from 3 strand nylon, but any member is welcome.

A limited amount of 18, 24 and 28mm nylon will be available, to save time I will try to cut and tape appropriate lengths of rope beforehand, but I need to have the dimensions of the boats before I start cutting. I will also have some plastic tubing and old fire hose to prevent chafe
The measurements required are
1. Length and displacement of boat
2. Length of strop required - the sum of the distance from mooring cleat or Sampson post to the bow roller plus 1.5 times the height of the bow roller above the water line
3. You also need to check the size of rope plus plastic tubing/old fire hose that your bow roller or fairleads will accommodate.

You can of course purchase your own materials. Bogey Knights Emporium at Mutton Cove, Plymouth ( is usually a good source for rope. All chandlers sell plastic tubing and thimbles, (I don’t use thimbles). Marine Bazaar offer a 10% discount to CYC members.

Please telephone/email to let me know that you are coming to ensure I have sufficient materials for those that wish to make strops, and if you need any advice.


Dr. C. W. Evans
01752 845297

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