CYC and Covid-19

This is a notice to all members to inform you that the Club is monitoring and following National Advice on actions to be taken in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic.

In addition, although not part of national advice, I have taken the decision to postpone the Winter Talk scheduled for the 27th. This is because our usual audience comprises a high proportion of at-risk individuals and because there are now cases close to our geographical area.

The Clubhouse will remain open to members for the foreseeable future however, please bear the following in mind:

-it goes without saying that if you have symptoms compatible with Covid-19 you should not attend,

-please wash your hands with soap and water immediately on entering the Clubhouse and dispose of tissues carefully in the bin provided,

-lectures and talks will not be held,

-the Cadet section may continue as usual for the time being,

-the bar will remain open for the time being but only when bar staff NOT in the vulnerable group are available to serve,

-members in the vulnerable group (which includes those over the age of 70) who wish to use the bar are asked to carefully consider the risk to themselves,

-at present, it is our intention that the Clean-Up Day will go ahead but appropriate precautions will be taken to protect those in the vulnerable group.

John, Commodore. Sunday 15th March.

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