January 2021

Membership, Mooring and Dinghy Park Renewal 2021 – **Action required**

It is that time of year again when we require you all to log in to the Members Area of the club website and validate your membership records so that we can renew our CASC status, raise fees and ensure you have paid for the facilities that you expect for the coming season. Please note that we have significantly discounted the membership fees, and to a lesser extent the mooring fees, this year due the ongoing COVID pandemic which has significantly impacted your ability to enjoy the Club in general, and the shoreside facilities in particular.

Please log in to the Club’s Members only website members.cargreenyc.org and complete all the actions below as appropriate (you will need your username and password. If you have difficulty logging on your username is typically the email address that you used at the time of joining the Club. If you have forgotten your password you can request a reset by clicking the ‘Remind me’ button on the member’s login page.)

All members are required to complete a MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM.
• In the ‘Members Only’ section select ‘Forms’ from the black toolbar at the top of the screen.
• Then select ‘Membership Renewal’.
• Check the pre-populated form, making any necessary amendments
• Fill in your DoB.
• Click “Review fees and accept Terms”
• Tick to agree terms and give your preferences for photography and inclusion in an on-line directory
• Finally “Submit Application” in Part 2.

All Mooring Holders are also required to complete a separate MOORING RENEWAL FORM
• In the ‘Members Only’ section select ‘Forms’ from the black toolbar at the top of the screen.
• Then select ‘Mooring Renewal’.
• Check the pre-populated form, making any necessary amendments
• Select your Planned Launch Date from the drop down menu
• Click “Review Fees and Accept Terms”
• Tick to agree terms
• Finally “Submit Application”
• You will then be redirected to the page where you can volunteer for boat watch duties which attract credits against your mooring fees

For members with dinghy park allocations last year it will be assumed that these are still required and unchanged for 2021.
If this is not the case please contact Mick Flanagan dinghy@cycadmin.org

If you have previously set up a Direct Debit mandate in favour of the Club you need take no further action. Fees will automatically be taken by GoCardless on 15 February and you will be notified a few days beforehand.

If you have not set up a DD arrangement with the Club you are strongly encouraged to do so as this vastly reduces the workload of the Officers in checking and reconciling returns.

If, despite this exhortation to use DD, you prefer to pay by BACS, the Club’s banking details are as follows:
• Sort code 40-27-04, Account number 61293095.
• Use your surname and initials as the reference on the transfer so that the Hon. Treasurer can identify you.
• If you have to use this method of payment we ask that you notify the Treasurer by email at treasurer@cycadmin.org

The Due Date for payment of fees is the 15th February, please note that late payment will automatically incur a £25 surcharge.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year, fair winds and safe havens in 2021.



Mac Armstrong
Cargreen Yacht Club

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