Stay Safe in your Kayak

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Paddlesafer is designed to provide safety information, guidance and advice for everyone involved in paddlesport including clubs, officials, volunteers, providers, event organisers and coaches.

The range of activities covered by paddlesport is huge. Not only are there hundreds of different craft but the type of water and environment in which the sport is undertaken varies greatly. In an “assumed risk sport” identifying hazards, assessing risk and putting in place controls to promote safety is central to both planning and practice. This information will help you to understand recommended standards, identify risk and run activities that support the safety of paddlers and members of the public.

Although the guidance is extensive any queries or any request for support can be directed to

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Furuno GPS problem - MCA Notice

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency would like to make operators aware that products with Furuno Global Positioning System (GPS) chips for position or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), may produce an error o nand after January 2nd, 2022.

Stand-alone Furuno GPS receivers and equipment using Furuno GPS chips, could produce data that is 19.7 years in the past, therefore generating errors in both the GPS position and date (19th May 2002). The 19.7 year date error may result in instability in positioning, causing position errors, including failure of GPS position acquisition, etc.

The MCA Notice (Safety Bulletin 25) with details of the units affected is linked here.

Jennycliff Bay No-Anchor Zone

Plymouth Local Notice To Mariners 34/21 (PLNTM 034/21) gives details of the project to grow seagrass in the vicinity of Jennycliff Bay and the voluntary no-anchor zone to protect it.

This is now superseded by PLNTM 22/22.

Changes to Shipping Forecast Times

From Monday 18 January there are some changes to the way the BBC broadcast the UK Marine Weather Service including the Shipping Forecast due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Weekdays - LW & FM - 0048, 0520, 1203 & 1754 (LW only)
Weekends - LW & FM - 0048, 0520 & 1754

Coastguard broadcasts via VHF/MF and Navtex remain unchanged.

See the MCA Marine Safety Information (MSI) leaflet at

and the accompanying MSI BBC4 Weather Bulletins leaflet at

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