Results 3 July

Event 5 was sailed in lovely warm sunshine with a gentle SSW breeze (not the easterly predicted) and the last of a spring flood tide by a good turn out of 10 boats; 9 were able to finish but sadly Mike Sissons in his ROATAN ISLE, as he is only able to start later than the rest of us, was defeated by lack of wind and a strengthening ebb stream. 
Results are attached. Congratulations to David Wheatley again for completing the challenge in the shortest time.  Good to see our Rear Commodore in his Flying Fifteen FULL FROTTLE joining us and coming 4th.
Also attached are points overall to date.  These take account of 3 “discards”.

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2019 Overall Points to date 3 JulyCargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results 3 July 2019

Event 5 - 3 July - Course "C"

Please note Tony Head is back in harness for tomorrow’s White Sail event.  Thanks go to Mick for standing in for him a fortnight ago.
Looks like a gentle easterly breeze and a nice warm evening so I have chosen Course C. Times to Tony Head by SMS to 07885914148 please. 


Results 19 June

Think we can say that it was a lovely sail on Wed evening! The sun was out, wind 10-15knts from the NW.

Congratulations to Mike Sissions for coming first.

Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results 19 June 2019 - Provisional-Sheet1

Event 4 - 19 June - Course "A"

WSC for 19th June is course A. Wind is from the west @ 20knts.  If the forecast is correct there should be plenty of wind throughout the course! HW BST 20:10.  5.3M 

Please message Mick Flanagan your timings on 07803729858 or hand them to him in the bar.


Mick's in charge

Tony Head will be away on the Jester Challenge to Baltimore leaving on Sunday 16 June and back early July.

Mick Flanagan has very kindly agreed to take charge of the next two Cargreen White Sail events on 19 June & 3 July, so look out for messages from Mick announcing the courses and results.

Times should be sent to Mick.

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