Event 11 -28 August - Course "CB"

Our next event is on Wednesday 28 August with HW at 1705BST/5.0m.  In other words there will be an ebb running throughout the event with not quite so much water space available as usual. At this range, weather is forecast to be light SW winds with a 20% chance of rain.  Accordingly Tony has selected Course CB for your entertainment.

WEATHER UPDATE: It looks like a cold front will pass over Cargreen around the time of Event 11 tomorrow Wednesday 28 August, causing light to moderate SW winds to veer to NW during the early evening, along with a 60% chance of rain.

Unfortunately Tony is away on the day so please send him your times by text messages (07885914148) as usual and he will endeavour to reply quickly so that results are available in the bar afterwards.  Don’t forget to text him if you retire so that I can take this into account in the results.
Good sailing everyone.


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