Results 22 May

A good turnout on Wednesday evening with 10 boats starting. A great welcome to Jill Trew in her Westerly Conway DEN NJORD taking part for the first time.

Results are attached. As so often happens, the wind died as the evening progressed so early starters had a distinct advantage and were able to round Buoy 2 to carry the flood stream up to Cargreen to finish Course D. Congratulation to Rob Stebbing for whizzing around the course in 43 minutes and whilst the rest of use were ages astern. Sadly three boats had to retire as they could not make much headway to windward against the flood stream and light winds to get round the dreaded Buoy 2. It looks like the handicap for David Wheatley’s STRATOS has topped out.

Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results 22 May 2019

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