Handicaps for 2020

I have been looking at our White Sail handicaps relative to boats from other clubs.

In theory they should all be on a par but somehow our boats were grouped at the end of the Regatta WS fleet. On one hand the boats that beat us were generally fast designs and sailed by experienced skippers, most of whom have raced fairly seriously in the port for many years. On the other hand a good handicap system should average out results across all boats in the port.

I conducted an analysis of the Regatta results and the average corrected time for all boats was 02:15:49 whereas the average corrected time for CYC boats was 02:23:47 ie some 5.5% greater.

If "extreme performers' ie first and last boats are excluded from each group the average corrected time for all boats is 02:15:47 and for CYC boats is 02:22:20, in other words much the same; 4.5% greater.

Overall, and wearing my cap as PPSA Handicapper, my view is that our White Sail handicaps should be reduced by a global 5% to start next year. I think this will go some way for our boats to compete on parity next year in Regatta 2020. Of course this doesn't affect the relative performance of our boats in our own series.

Accordingly our revised WS handicaps to start our 2020 challenge are attached.

Hope this is clear but if anyone wants me to amplify the rationale, please get in touch.

Best Wishes
Tony Head


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