Final Points for 2020

Final Points

These are the overall points of the Challenge. ELWINGS RIVAL (John and Hilary) is the clear winner. 2nd place is less clear cut due to the estimated times used this evening. But congratulations to Martin and Mick. In 4th place is Andrew Butcher in AELEA. By way of comparison, I have also included points overall (in brackets) on the basis that Event 12 had been abandoned and all participants had been awarded DNF.

Results 16 September

Results 20-09-16

These are the results of this evening's event, based on best estimates of AELEA's and INT CANOE's elapsed times to Buoy 1. Not completely satisfactory but better than abandoning the event and giving everyone DNF. Note that I haven't adjusted handicaps for next year; wind was too light for this to be consistent

Overall Points to date

Overall Points 20-09-12

ELWINGS retains the overall lead but can still be overtaken by any of the next 3-4 boats in our final event this coming Wednesday 16 September. So still much to play for.

Results Regatta 12 September

Results Regatta

Results 2 September and Overall Points

Results 20-09-02

Congratulations again to John and Hilary, but also to everyone for persevering in the rain. Heros all.

Overall Points 20-09-02

ELWINGS remains in the lead overall but any of the following 5 boats could still win by the end of the challenge.

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