Results 6 July

Results 20-07-06

Event 4 - 6 July - Course AC

Our next event (number 4) takes place tomorrow evening. Course AC starting at Neal Point Buoy during the usual time slot of 1800-1830. HW 1939BST/5.5m so plenty of deep water and gentle tidal streams.

Weather looks good and the wind is forecast to be NW around 8-10kts in the "pool".

Don't forget to check-in and check-out.

Two new boats may compete tomorrow evening, from Saltash. PILGRIM (Phil Warne) a Dufour 30 Classic on 0.861 (revised from a previously published 0.865) and REVIHAN (Mike Anning) a First Class 8 on 0.915. Look out for them and give them a cheery "welcome to Cargreen" wave.

Results 22 June - Revised

I'm afraid an error crept in the results for 22 June; I used handicaps carried over from event 1 whereas I should have used handicaps carried from event 2. The revised results are attached. Huge apologies for this; I was distracted during last event by being at a "virtual" opera that evening! And of course we will use the handicaps from event 3 for tomorrow's event 4.

Results 20-06-22 2nd Correction

Event 3 - 22 June - Course A

Event 2 is Course A starting at Neal Point Buoy during the standard slot 1800-1830. HW 1937BST/5.2m.

Weather is forecast to be SW10kts, rain less than 5% chance, so should be another nice sail.

Clare will be working out the results and I will be monitoring by armchair remote control from home.

Results 19 June

Results 20-06-19 2

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