Results 28 August

Below the results of tonight's Event 11, together with overall points to date. Provisional as I have assumed Rob Stebbings started on his International canoe but didn't finish.

8 boats out on the water in better conditions than predicted by the weather forecast. Congratulations to Mike Tucker completing the challenge in shortest corrected time in TEMPUS FUGIT.

Our last event is the White Sail division in the Cargreen Regatta on Saturday 7 September.
Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results - 28 Aug 2019-Sheet1

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2019 Overall Points to date 28 August-Sheet1

Event 11 -28 August - Course "CB"

Our next event is on Wednesday 28 August with HW at 1705BST/5.0m.  In other words there will be an ebb running throughout the event with not quite so much water space available as usual. At this range, weather is forecast to be light SW winds with a 20% chance of rain.  Accordingly Tony has selected Course CB for your entertainment.

WEATHER UPDATE: It looks like a cold front will pass over Cargreen around the time of Event 11 tomorrow Wednesday 28 August, causing light to moderate SW winds to veer to NW during the early evening, along with a 60% chance of rain.

Unfortunately Tony is away on the day so please send him your times by text messages (07885914148) as usual and he will endeavour to reply quickly so that results are available in the bar afterwards.  Don’t forget to text him if you retire so that I can take this into account in the results.
Good sailing everyone.


Results 14 August

Eight boats out tonight in a 8-14kts SW/W/NW breeze. A nice sail with occasional spots of rain. Congratulations to John and Hilary in ELWINGS RIVAL for completing the challenge in the shortest corrected time. David Wheatley managed to unwind a minor error n pilotage but ended up 2nd from last.

Results and points overall below.

Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results - 14 Aug 2019-Sheet1

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2019 Overall Points to date 14 August-Sheet1

Event 10 - 14 August - Course "DA"

Regrettably tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great; 40% chance of rain during the afternoon reducing to 15% probability in the evening, with a 8-12kt SW wind veering to W by about 2000.   HW is 1814BST/5.1m.
With this in mind Course DA has been chosen, starting at Cargreen during the time slot 1800-1830 and finishing at Neal Point buoy.

Please send Tony Head your times by SMS to 07885914148 or on a piece of paper in the clubhouse afterwards.

Results Cawsand (Outbound & Return)

Six boats turned out for the Cawsand White Sail Challenge with most taking around 3½  hours to sail to Cawsand via the many twists and turns inserted in the route by the sailing instructions.  On corrected time Andrew Butcher in AELEA completed the challenge first, followed by David Wheatley in STRATOS in 2nd position then Martin Worth in SPARKS in 3rd place.  Mike Sissons in ROATAN ISLE and James Jermain in ECHO brought up the rear in 4th and 5th places respectively.  Sadly Jill and Clare in DEN NJORD found the combination of tidal stream and light wind too much to round the Lyhner entrance buoy and retired, but pressed on under engine to join the rest of the group in Cawsand for lunch.
Picnic lunches were taken at anchor except for David Wheatley and crew in STRATOS who opted to beach their boat at Cawsand and proceed ashore for fish and chips (and possibly a pint or two).
Boats then got underway to start the return leg at Queens Ground buoy at 1600, taking the flood stream up to Cargreen.  The specified route incorporated rather fewer twists and turns so boats were able to complete this leg in around 1½ hours.
Handicaps were adjusted after the outbound leg according to the standard White Sail Challenge formula, and used to calculate the results for the return leg.  On this basis Martin Worth in SPARKS completed the return leg in shortest corrected time, ahead of James Jermain in ECHO by just over a minute, with AELEA and ROATAN ISLE in 3rd and 4th places.  Possibly weighed down by a surfeit of fish and chips, David Wheatley brought his STRATOS home in uncharacteristic 5th place!  DEN NJORD had a train to catch so departed early but was credited with a Did Not Finish (DNF) score for the return leg.
Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results - Cawsand Outbound

Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results - Cawsand Return

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2019 Overall Points to date 4 August

Results 31 July

Seven boats out last night sailing course DB in light W/SW winds and an ebb developing from about 1815BST.    Results are attached together with points overall in the Challenge.
A warm welcome to James Jermain entering for the first time in his catamaran ECHO.  I allocated him a starting handicap of 0.930, estimated from PPSA Port Handicaps given to a variety of multihulls when racing in the port “non-spinnaker” in mixed (multi/mono) fleets.
Congratulations to Mac and Katie Armstrong in their Firefly FULL FROTTLE for completing the course with the least corrected time; consequently their handicap is steadily creeping up and they will be “nobbled” fairly soon!  Also congratulations to Jill and Claire in DEN NJORD for coming a close second in their rather less than racy Westerly Conway.  Martin Worth seems now to have got the measure of his Sparks catamaran and is settling down to consistent results; 3rd last night and also 3rd overall.
ECHO’s initial handicap seems about right as James finished mid fleet in 4th place.
 Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results 31 July 2019

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2019 Overall Points to date 31 July

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