Results 20 July

Results 20-07-20

Congratulations to Mike Anning in REVIHAN for completing this evening's challenge in shortest corrected time. Handicap adjustment is catching up fast so Mike will have to sail even better next time to do as well! Corrected times are very close with other boats.

Event 5 - 20 July - Course DB

The next event (No 5) is Monday evening 20 July. Course DB, starting at Cargreen during the normal start slot of 1800-1830. HW is 1841BST 5.1m. Weather forecast is for a fine evening with gentle northerly breezes.

Also should mention that a small number of TRSC boats may be racing in the "pool". Cargreen boats should, where practicable, wear ensigns to indicate they are not racing but sailing under international ColRegs. TRSC is aware of this and will endeavour to de-conflict its course with ours and will revert to ColRegs when in vicinity of CYC boats.

Good sailing everyone

Results 6 July

Results 20-07-06

Event 4 - 6 July - Course AC

Our next event (number 4) takes place tomorrow evening. Course AC starting at Neal Point Buoy during the usual time slot of 1800-1830. HW 1939BST/5.5m so plenty of deep water and gentle tidal streams.

Weather looks good and the wind is forecast to be NW around 8-10kts in the "pool".

Don't forget to check-in and check-out.

Two new boats may compete tomorrow evening, from Saltash. PILGRIM (Phil Warne) a Dufour 30 Classic on 0.861 (revised from a previously published 0.865) and REVIHAN (Mike Anning) a First Class 8 on 0.915. Look out for them and give them a cheery "welcome to Cargreen" wave.

Results 22 June - Revised

I'm afraid an error crept in the results for 22 June; I used handicaps carried over from event 1 whereas I should have used handicaps carried from event 2. The revised results are attached. Huge apologies for this; I was distracted during last event by being at a "virtual" opera that evening! And of course we will use the handicaps from event 3 for tomorrow's event 4.

Results 20-06-22 2nd Correction

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