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Results Event 10 - 21 July


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CARGREEN WHITE SAIL CHALLENGE 2021 - Points to 7 July Sheet1

Results - 7 July

Wednesday night's nice breeze was reasonably steady which allowed the small boats to finish and was a good opportunity to compare the performance of the small boats with their bigger sisters. In turn this has allowed me to check whether small boat handicaps were reasonably fair. As a result, and in accordance with the discretion allowed by SI 32, the handicaps of the three small boats (MORWENNA, EULALIE, and SURPRISE) have been tweaked to make them fairer and more competitive.

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2021 - Results - 7 July Confirmed Sheet1

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Wacker Challenge - Results

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Wacker Challenge

Sunday 4 July starting 0930-1000 on the Neal Pt Buoy line. HW 1425/4.2m. Well calibrated echo sounders recommended! Anchor in Dandy Hole for picnic lunch. Weather forecast is a bit mixed; sunny spells with light rain showers, wind moderate SW breeze.

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