Results 19 June

Think we can say that it was a lovely sail on Wed evening! The sun was out, wind 10-15knts from the NW.

Congratulations to Mike Sissions for coming first.

Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results 19 June 2019 - Provisional-Sheet1

Event 4 - 19 June - Course "A"

WSC for 19th June is course A. Wind is from the west @ 20knts.  If the forecast is correct there should be plenty of wind throughout the course! HW BST 20:10.  5.3M 

Please message Mick Flanagan your timings on 07803729858 or hand them to him in the bar.

Mick's in charge

Tony Head will be away on the Jester Challenge to Baltimore leaving on Sunday 16 June and back early July.

Mick Flanagan has very kindly agreed to take charge of the next two Cargreen White Sail events on 19 June & 3 July, so look out for messages from Mick announcing the courses and results.

Times should be sent to Mick.

Results 5 June

There was a nice reasonably steady breeze last night which provided good sailing in sunshine for the 9 boats that turned out to sail Course B. Congratulations to Martin Worth on his trimaran for winning this challenge; it’s been a long time coming but we are all delighted to see perseverance finally paying off!

It was good to see Stewart and Hilary Whitelock out on the water in their YUNITA gaining a 3rd position in their first outing this year.

At the tail end of the fleet, Rob Stebbing in his light weather version International Canoe found the conditions too strong, capsized a few times and sensibly decided to head for home. Tony Head rounded East Tamar North the wrong way, subsequently “un-winding” but losing lots of time in the process. And he devised the course …….

Results are attached together with Points Overall.

The question has been posed; can a boat start outside the normal staring slot of 1800-1830? The answer of course is yes if there is a good reason for doing so; we want as many boats as possible to take part. However it should be noted that starting late usually is disadvantageous as the wind generally is weaker later in the evening, and lack of depth and stronger tidal streams may hamper the early starter.

Tony Head will be away for the next two events (on 19 June and 4 July)unknown, sailing in this year’s Jester Challenge to Baltimore, Republic of Ireland. Details of who will be organising these evenings will be announced shortly.
Cargreen White Sail 2019 Challenge - Results 5 June 2019

Cargreen White Sail Challenge 2019 Overall Points to date 5 June

Event 3 - 5 June - Course "B"

The forecast is for light westerly winds and 8% chance of rain tomorrow evening for our 3rd event. So Course B has been selected.

Times to Tony Head on 07885914148 or in the bar afterwards.

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