Event 3 - 22 June - Course A

Event 2 is Course A starting at Neal Point Buoy during the standard slot 1800-1830. HW 1937BST/5.2m.

Weather is forecast to be SW10kts, rain less than 5% chance, so should be another nice sail.

Clare will be working out the results and I will be monitoring by armchair remote control from home.

Results 19 June

Results 20-06-19 2

Event 2 - 19 June - Course BD

Event 2 is course BD with a Cargreen start during the time slot 1800-1830.

Postponed to Friday 19th - HW is at 1735BST 5.0m

Nevertheless I hope as many as possible can take part and enjoy the event. Please don't forget to check-in and check-out.

Version 2 of the Sailing Instructions available

Version 2 includes amplification of Covid-19 rules, changes dates of three events, changes the specified courses for events 2, 5 and 8, and makes mandatory the carriage of VHF.

Results 3 June

Results 20-06-03

From Roquetta

"Thank you! my crew did me proud, as always. My first ever 'competitive' event started with more tide than wind. Thankfully the wind filled and so did the tide, just in time for an impromptu cocktail party/flagstaff jousting session at the SSC yellow bouy. No contact with other boats, but somewhat tense none the less.

Finished off with a spectacular upwind and uptide sail and only overtaken twice by Den Njord. A brilliant evening. And congratulations Robert"

Event 1 - 3 June - Course DA

First Challenge event tomorrow, course DA. Start on Cargreen Line during slot 1800-1830. Wind forecast to be N-NW 8-12kts. HW 1650BST 5.2m. Ebb stream will build during the event.

Don't forget to check-in shortly before starting and then check-out by reporting elapsed time; both on WhatsApp (SMS fall-back).

Hope you all have a great sail in this the first event of the 2020 Cargreen White Sail Challenge.

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