Cawsand Challenge Sunday 19 June

HW DEVONPORT 1027, LW 1635 & HW 2242

This year’s Cawsand Challenge is scheduled to take part on Sunday 19 June.

The outline plan is to start at Cargreen during time slot 1100-1130, take the ebb towards Cawsand, finish at New Grounds Buoy, anchor and meet up in The Rising Sun for a pub lunch, re-start at Queens Ground Buoy during time slot 1700-1730 and follow the flood in order to finish at Cargreen.

The Challenge is not racing in the usual sense; the general idea is that yachts start in their own time but during the defined half-hour time “slot”, then sail independently to execute a fast and seamanlike passage around the specified course marked by standard navigational buoys in the river and Sound. Thus close-quarter situations are avoided, and boats should be able to take part with ordinary cruising-risks insurance.

The Sailing Instructions (SIs) are available via the link in the sidebar.

Note: It is appreciated that this event is taking place on Fathers’ Day. Why not consider it as a Fathers’ Day outing for the family?!

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