First Event - Results


Congratulations to all three boats, and to Julian for completing the challenge with a handsome margin. I have applied only a minor adjustment to handicaps in view of the small number on entries and the light "lottery" conditions.

First Event

Here's notice of our first WSC event, this Wednesday 12 May. HW (Devonport) 1915BST 5.4m. Course 1. Regrettably at this range the weather doesn't look great, with forecast 80% chance of rain. Wind is forecast to be W 8-10kts, veering NW during the evening. I'm afraid I won't be on the water as my TRIPLE VENTURE won't be launched until the following week, so please report times via WhatsApp and I will work out results by "remote control". Good sailing everyone.


2021 Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions v1 April 2021 are available via the link in the sidebar.

2021 White Sail Challenge

The Cargreen White Sail Group is pleased to announce that the Cargreen White Sail Challenge will resume on Wednesday 12th May.


White Sail Challenge

The Club organises the White Sail Challenge every other Wednesday evening over the summer.

It is not racing in the usual sense. Instead, boats participate in the Challenge by sailing a defined course around navigational buoys in the vicinity of Cargreen in a seamanlike manner, starting in their own time so that close encounters with other yachts are avoided. The ordinary International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea apply rather than the more complicated Racing Rules of Sailing.

This means that ordinary cruising-risks insurance is usually sufficient, but this must be confirmed with insurers first. As the name suggests, spinnakers and similar complicated sails are not used. Events take place around high water so that there is plenty of water space even for the deepest draft yachts. Courses typically take about 90 minutes to complete and boats record their own times. Handicaps are applied and continuously adjusted during the Challenge so that they accurately reflect actual performance on the water and so that every boat has a good chance of doing well.

After each event, we meet up in the bar for refreshment and a bring-your-own picnic supper, whilst the results are worked out and experiences swapped. Please give the White Sail Challenge a try. You will find it great fun and a wonderful way to meet other sailors on the water and in the Clubhouse. You will also hone your sailing skills and explore parts of the river you normally pass by!

Entry is free.

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